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Hey there,

If you are researching me Scott Palat, feel free to research me as much as possible. Below is a list of all businesses that I am associated with along with some details of what I hope to accomplish in life.

After graduating Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Health and Physical Education degree, I volunteered my time From 2003 - 2006 as a mentor for Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Summer sport camp program for kids. The time spent as a mentor and coach allowed me to realize my true dream in life. My #1 goal is to have a sport & mentoring camp facility for kids. You can see the details of my dream at DonatingForKids.org. This is what I am working towards every day!

Since 2002, I been also been blessed and able to operate two companies from my home in Colorado. I have a great team of people who work with me from around the globe and we all have fun giving customers and clients the exact types of products and services that we promised.

In 2007 I published my first book Blueprint For Online Tutoring Success and in 2015, I became a #1 best selling author in Amazon with my 2nd book titled The Evololution of Training & Coaching. How To Explode Your Company Fast. I followed that up in late 2015 as a co-author of my 3rd book and we hit Amazon's best seller list with our book titled Rise: True Stories of Triumph In The Face Of Adversity. You can read about all of my books by clicking here.

I was also recently inpsired to create the "Create You Perfect Life Now" program which I am offering at no cost to help others. You can get access to this 30 day program by going to Create-Your-Perfect-Life.com.


As far as the details of my businesses go, I operate two companies which you can read about below. Note: Both businesses have
an A rating with the Better Business Bureau as you can see below.


TutorFi.com TutorFi Ltd. (A rated Better Business Bureau company click to see full report)

We help tutors start their own online tutoring businesses with online tutoring software and extensive personal training that can't be matched. We provide a true win/win/win situation for the tutors, parents and students. Our TutorFi members take the time to care like no other tutoring organization in the world and this is what sets us apart.

TutorFi also owns and operates ETCSoftwareSolutions.com which offers a results focused accountability software for experts and trainers.

HealthyRevelations.com - Healthy Revelations Inc (A rated Better Business Bureau company click to see full report)

Our Healthy Revelations eNewsletter is available to the public for free and a paid membership offers a variety of unique services you can't find anywhere else. Members can access eHealth coaching programs in a unique 1 on 1 coaching environment that includes videos, phone coaching and more. Each eHealth program is guaranteed to help our clients live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Members also receive monthly mailed newsletters, weekly updated health information from reliable news sources and even exclusive monthly MP3 interviews with world renowned health experts. We are currently offering free membership with any VIP product purchase. We carry a variety of "all natural" health, nutrition and spa products.